Monday, January 21, 2013

The White Umbrella by Mary Frances Bowley

            “Though out history in the dark night of need, God awakens ordinary people to the torrent of his love, shattering the silence and fueling in their hearts an unquenchable desire to spread the love they've found to the broken and discarded.” Louie Giglio wrote the forward to this book including the previous quote.  Reading The White Umbrella, it becomes clear that Mary Frances Bowley is really good at choosing to let God use her to shine His love on people suffering in the shadows with no voice.  The White Umbrella narrative shares perspectives with all of the people connected with the Wellspring Living facility that rehabilitates the lives of those who have survived sex trafficking.  This is happening in the United States.  All proceeds of The White Umbrella go to the Wellspring Living facility.  Four out of five hearts.
            More info on helping sex traffic survivors

            A quote from the book, "When God’s people come together to fight this good fight against the exploitation of innocence, the weight of oppression is exchanged for the weight of glory. The time has come to let our children be little girls once again. The time for freedom is now."

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