Monday, March 18, 2013

Captive in Iran

          Captive in Iran is a nonfiction suspense thriller and a triumphant testimony of two faithful Christian women who refused to deny their faith, even facing death. I received this book in participation with a book review program.

          Few books fall into the Christian nonfiction suspense genre. My heart was fully engaged as I read Captive in Iran. It raced anticipating what dangers lay in the next chapter. Simultaneously my heart grew from the relentless faith that Maryam and Marziyeh showed time and again. Their love for their fellow prisoners, their courage to share their beliefs and their perseverance to show the fruits of the spirit no matter what pain the day brings convicts me to live a more surrendered life.

          Having always lived in America, I rarely take a moment to just be thankful for my many freedoms. I am fearful for a person mentioned on page 241 still living in Iran who the authors protect by not identifying. Even under the tremendous restrictions and dangerous repercussions of the Iran government, this person bravely tipped off the United Nations to help rescue Maryam and Marziyeh. It is frightening how many people have been unjustly prosecuted for fostering better human rights in Iran. I was moved to pray for the person unnamed on page 241 as well as the many people that remain hidden today seeking the courage to instigate change for a better Iran when opportunity presents.

          As I read of how the authors tried to help the least of these among the prisoners and share what little they had, I became inspired to act more boldly.  If God can use them so powerfully under close watch inside a prison, clearly I should reach out more to others with my life.  The lovely foreword by Anne Graham Lotz set the bar high. Captive in Iran does not disappoint. Four out of five hearts.

This book is set for release April 2, 2013.